5 struggles of lazy and goofy people who wear contact lenses

You have got a new pair of contact lenses, you are super excited because you’re not going to look 10 times uglier in those glasses, but once you start wearing them you realize that this high maintenance thing is getting a bit difficult for you to handle.

Same Old, Same Old

Image result for solution of contact lenses that have not be changed for days

You forget that the solution in which the lens are kept have to be changed everyday. Sometimes you  have kept those lenses in the same solution for a week. When you  go to put on their lenses, you  curse yourself  for being so careless, especially about a delicate organ like the eye, but then you  rush to do something else, instead of throwing away the old solution and putting in new solution at that very instant.

What is this Sorcery! 

Image result for when your contact  lenses refuse to go in


Somedays the lenses will refuse to attach on your eyeball and you will  be forced to wonder if someone has put a curse on it.  You will put some more solution on it, reverse it, contemplate hiring a person who will put on your lenses for you,  say prayers to the almighty, call your workplace to say that you will be late when finally the first one has stuck. Then you do the entire process for the second one.

I have missed thee! 

Image result for wearing spectacles


Somedays you just dont have the energy to wear lenses, those days you have to do an entire check of your day to see if your going to meet an interesting person. If the answer is no, then you jump with joy because you can finally wear your beloved spectacles that can be put on and removed whenever you want( without washing your hands and getting a microscope to see if there are any germs left!)


Imma Gonna drop dead 

Image result for when you just want to sleep

After a tiring day at work, removing contact lenses feels like a task. You wonder whether sleeping with lenses is actually damaging for the eye  or just some of the things that those health proffessionals say because they are obssessive compulsive, but then you get back to your  senses and get to the mirror to carefully get them out while wishing someone invented contact lenses that can be worn while sleeping.

Image result for nightmares about lenses

You have nightmares that the lenses have tore in your eye, your eye has got infected or you have gone blind because of all the articles that people have sent you about being careful about the way you use your contact lenses after they see the way you handle your contacts.

All of us who are irresponsible with our contact lenses should thank our stars that our eyes are still fine and promise to follow all the guidelines recommended for taking care of our lenses( from tomorrow, Ofcourse!)