How to Survive when you are having a bad day or days!

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I reached office in a good mood yesterday. After about half an hour of uninterrupted work, my work laptop switched off and refused to turn on. The spare one also had a battery issue and even my very smart move of pressing the enter key over and over again to get it to started had no effect on it.  I was irritated and decided I needed  to eat junk so I reached out for my bag so that I could find my purse to pay for my unhealthy choices. After frantic searching (that included removing all the contents of my bag and tossing my bag upside down) when I didn’t find it I wanted to scream! My drivers license and credit card was in it. I immediately called HDFC bank and the very kind customer service executive blocked my card and ensured me that there was no transaction made, although he did piss me off in the end when he told me about how I should definitely take their debit card as well and try keeping it safe! Okay, he didnt say and try keeping it safe, I just couldn’t resist that joke. Now that the credit card was sorted I wondered what to do about the driver’s license. I learned that I would have to file a FIR and submit it at the RTO. The trip that I would have to make to the police station irritated me ever further and I told my colleague to shut up when he told me to calm down. I then went and worked on an absent colleagues computer. Thoughts of how stupid I am and how could I let this happen and the seemingly  unneccessary work that has been added swept through my mind all day. I didnt feel like having lunch, but one of my colleagues had brought extra lunch and made me eat it. It was delicious and thank god she made me eat, I was starving. It then hit on me, it’s not such a huge deal. Our mind tends to magnify small things and make it seem like a big issue! In all my worrying, I failed to notice how all my colleagues helped me with some useful information on how I could solve the situation, spoke kind words and the best part was that lunch just appeared for me! and I couldnt say no of course, She brought chole puri. It made me realise that there is always something good in every situation. It taught me that I need to be more alert! So even on days when you feel like nothing is going in your favour, firstly be patient with yourself if you have negative emotions. It is only natural. Feel it fully and embrace it. Secondly wait for the lesson that has to be learned to reveal itself and thirdly appreciate the kindness and the small good things that happen on such days. They help one cope. 

I went to the police station today, spoke broken marathi and got the required document that I have to submit at the RTO. I am hoping that the thief will send my drivers license by post so I thought I wait for a few days and if I still dont get it, only then I will submit it at the RTO. You pray for me as well!

Let the bad days make you stronger and wiser. Ciao.