Haven’t made any New Years Resolutions? It’s not late yet!

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Some people hate the idea of resolutions as they believe that change can happen anytime and we should not force ourselves into doing something because it is expected of us to want to be better. And some people feel that they are not going to be successful anyway, so why try. Well, I used to be of the same school of thought before, but now I feel changes in the right direction, no matter how small they are, make you appreciate the effort you put into breaking your bad habit and make you feel proud of yourself, and I for one could do with a self-esteem boost! So, here are some things that I will try to change in my life.

  • Brush every night! (Yes, I still have not learned to do that, even though my mom has been telling me to do that since I was a child!)
  • Drink lemon water with honey every morning!( because I want a slim belly)
  • Do at least 100 skips a day. (Because, my body has been aching with no physical activity and it needs some movement and since I am lazy and this is the easiest, it is doable!)
  • To exercise, I need to wake up early so I will wake up by 7.45( because before that seems, unrealistic)
  • Travel as much as possible this year. (Whenever and wherever I get the chance to go!)

This is all for now. There are so many things that I want to do like bathe in the sun every morning for some Vitamin D and learn a new hobby, but for now, this is all. We all have an intense pull of inertia that is going to stop us from achieving this, so we need a lot of willpower and ability to say no to this monster called laziness that always makes us give up on our goals and make us feel bad about ourselves. So all you need to do now is analyze which areas in your life you need to work on and slowly and steadily work toward them.