Living By Yourself: An experience I would encourage everyone to have.

I decided to move to a paying guest house for sometime so that I would get the experience of staying alone, save time, and become independent. Although it was a not a very pleasant experience, it did teach me a lot, which is why I would encourage everyone in their twenties to move out of their parents house and stay by themselves even if its for just a few months. While this is very common in the west, it is not very common in India and our parents will probably throw a fit, but explaining to them why it is important for your growth is important and I am sure if you make up your mind, they will be happy to let you grow.

Here are some things that I learnt from staying alone.

  1. Staying and dealing with people who you have never met before and who are very different from you. 

This is probably the toughest part and I was blessed with roommates who had brains that were the size of a pea. You will be very disappointed when your idea of  perfect roommates, like Rachel and Monica or Joey and Chandler from Friends, who you can chill with and who support you are shattered. People are different and most of the time your timings, schedule, way of thinking, hygiene habits do not match and that creates a lot of problems. People who you live with may create issues about you getting your friends over, have a very narrow perspective to life, like the girl that I lived with had. To quote her “people who drink alcohol and smoke up are not from good families and my mother already told me not to stay with a catholic girl”. But then you learn that people have different ways of thinking and you are no one to judge them. You let go and thank heavens that you are blessed enough not to have narrow minds like them.

2.  Handling Finances 

There is a lot of things that you have to take care of all by yourself now. Rent, light bills, gas bills, grocery, etc, etc and while this may seen overwhelming at first and you may question yourself as to why you moved out in the first place, but when you finally manage to do it all, you will be proud of yourself.

3. Feeling Grateful 

You will realize that your parents take care of many things for you and that you take most of the things for granted. You will be thankful that they worked hard to provide for you and gave you the best of whatever they could.

4. Learning

When we live at home, everything is done for us, so we do not bother learning even the most basic things. I learned to cook when I moved out and I am really happy about it because I finally learned this important survival skill. You also learn to keep your things safely, not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and stand up for yourself.

Many of us youngsters think that it is impossible to do other things like cook, clean, and exercise with our job, but when you shift you can stay at a place near your house, save a lot of time and work on being a multi-tasker and having a balanced life. Wishing you all the luck, if you do decide to take the big step, I am sure you will slay.


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