Why you feel dead all the time?

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Feeling sleepy after you just wake up? After you eat? While you are commuting? While work? Basically all throughout the day? Many us have more than enough to eat and considering that the body takes energy from food shouldn’t we be more active and energetic?

I attended a workshop conducted by Ojas lifestyle and learned that we do not need the huge amounts of food we eat. We eat a lot of food because we find it tasty and our mind seeks pleasure. Our bodies get most of the energy from sleep. And we need to eat only for the nutrition, that is the minerals and victims and those we get from plants and fruits. Our body needs five elements from nature. Today most of us are feeding our bodies excess earth element through food. But one of the important elements is space and there needs to be space in our body and that can happen only when our tummies are not overloaded with food. The speakers also mentioned how an alive seed only grows, but when you cook food, the food is killed, so they recommend that we eat uncooked vegetables. There are a variety of recipes available online and there are a lot of ways you can make raw food tasty.  Your organs have to work extra when you eat extra and that makes you sleepy. That‘s why traditionally farmers would sleep after having food. Also, their lifestyle that had a lot of physical activity supported the cooked food that they had, but in today’s modern world there are some changes that need to happen. 

Many researchers recommend the raw diet. However, there are some precautions that you have to take while following this diet. Make sure you have green juice in the morning, which can be made from any green leafy vegetables, lemon juice, and ginger. The fibers of the juice have to be removed through a muslin cloth as it will be easy to digest the first thing in the morning and you will absorb the direct minerals and vitamins. Then after an hour you can have fruits and vegetables. For lunch, sprouts and vegetables will do. You can have carbohydrates at night, but eat more of the vegetable. It should be in the ratio of 20:80. You can have juices throughout the day. 

I just tried the diet for two days, and I am feeling so energized and light. I do not feel drowsy like I did most of the times before.



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