The Indian touch to western outfits

As Indians we definetly have a lot of Indian jewelry lying around the house, which we use on rare ocassions like weddings and Indian festivals. But what if we started pairing it with our Western outfits? Not only will it give you a funky look, but also your accessories will be utilised to the maximum. So, let me show you how to nail this look.

  1. Jhumkas

Everyone knows that Jhumkas truely accentuate the look of Indian attires and goes extremely well with kurtis and pyjamas, but they also look fabulous with western wear.




2. Bindis

Bindis, of all sizes and colours, can instantly brighten up your neutral outfit. That is why, I choose to wear a big, bright, red-coloured bindi with my black jumpsuit.



3. Bangles 

Taking a cue from the Bengali women who wear huge red and white bangles with their western clothes after marriage, I decided to go for this look.




4. Payal(Indian Anklet) 

A lot of young Indian women already do this, but this is my version of it.


5. Mangtika(An ornament for the forehead)

This intricate piece of jewerly really enhanced the look of my outfit.


It’s that simple to create this look, but it does require some guts. So, get your bold on and try it out.





My experience of watching Vagina Monologues.

Image result for vagina monologues

Vaginas. They fascinate everyone and everyone seems to have an opinion about vaginas and even women seem to talk about other women’s vaginas and what they should do with them. So when an author decided to ask women the experiences that they have because they have a vagina and perform it as a play, it was pure genius.

I watched the Indian adaptation of the play Vagina Monologues that I have wanted to watch since a long time, at Laughter Canvas Club in Lower Parel on Saturday, 26th May, 2018 and I am so glad, I did! I was awed by the actors who kept switching roles and play each part to perfection. The women start with their experiences and the funny things that they have experienced during sex. They play characters who belong to various regional cultures with ease and it makes it so relatable to us Indian audiences. The play also talks about sensitive and hard-hitting issues in the form of stories that will make you cry and force you to think about them.

The lighting was perfect and hit each other at the right time and also went off at the right time. They kept it interactive by asking the audience to respond at certain parts, keeping the audience hooked and involved. The only complaint that I have is that I felt it got over too soon! Wished it was longer.

If you also want to have a great one and a half hour, you can book your tickets on BooKMyShow. It will be performed again on  the 9th, 10th and 23rd and 24th of June.