My amusing train journey

I am a frequent commuter of the Mumbai local trains, but most of the time I watch something on my phone or read during my travel time and I rarely know what is happenning around me( yes even though the trains are overcrowded), but today I decided to observe my co-passengers and I was surprised at the daily dose of fun that I am missing. I saw a lady who was catching the railings, where you keep your bags, with both her hands as if she was Basanti from the movie ‘Sholay’, someone was playing old songs loudly and woman couldn’t stop staring at the bag that she kept on the shelf above because she thought that she would forget it.

However, there was a lady,who had with wrinkled lines all over her cute face, and she caught my attention the most. I guess you figured out that she was old. She smiled at me and then began to nod her head. I wondered if she was using this mysterious gesture to tell me something. After a while, more passengers boarded the train and she repeated the same procedure with them. Then, she began complaining. She related how much she had struggled and everyone gave her a few glances but didn’t engage with her for a long time. Obviously, no one wanted to encourage her to dwell on the problems of the past. I think she feltĀ  good to tell her story. She wanted other people to sympathize with her, to let everyone know that she has had a hard life and she has survived it.

I did pity her, but it made me wonder though do such people use someone, some circumstance or sistuation as an excuse for their life being tough and never being able to overcome them? Do they constantly blame and accuse life/people of being tough, not fair. In no way I am trying to say that her suffering was not painful or she should not crib about it. We all have some moments when we do and I hope ethat it was occassional for her too. But for some people these thoughts are not once in a while. They occur everyday and they become a victim. If you have such thoughts, I urge you to relaize that these are just thoughts and situations and no situation or person can make you life worse without you letting them do it. Observe those thoughts, but don’t let them consume you. Move forward by focusing on what you can do to change your life. After all, no one wants to end up old and wrinkled and complaining to strangers about how bad life has been to them.