“Sex is a Need”, they say!

In school I learnt that food, clothing, and shelter are the basic needs of life. We were also told that education is equally necessary because people need to have some basic training to be able to have all of the above. Also proper living conditions and some other things are important for a healthy life. However, nowdays when I hear a lot of people,who are in my age group, lets say people between 20-30(I don’t know what people beyond this age group are saying) say that sex is a need, it makes me wonder! Is anyone going to die if they don’t get sex? I don’t think so. It is an activity that gives people pleasure, but it is not a need. So, ofcourse by all means go ahead and do it if you”ll are both consenting partners. But using it as an excuse to sleep with someone that you don’t care for or just be in a relationship because you get to do the dirty makes you a classic jerk who is taking advantage of someone else for their own pleasure and that justifying it with the ‘need statement’.

Also, I do not understand the need everyone has to discover their friend’s personal(read sexual) life I do not think it is okay for friends to ask their friends whether they have had sex with their partner or how many women/men they have scored.(Unless ofcourse, the friend wants to tell you) You can call me boring but I feel it is utterly degarding and disresptful.

I see this happening a lot at workplaces, where someone thinks it’s okay to send an indecent video to a colleague or to get her to open up about her sex life. It is horrible that some people are so sex-obssessed that they don’t realize their mistake. Many a homes have also broken because of this addiction that some people have. It is crucial for such people to realize what a grave mistake they are making for few moments of thrill seeking.

I was also shocked to discover that some people stoop so low that they even want to watch child pornography. At such times it makes me sad to think about the times that we are living in.




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