Don’t Sleep and Drive!

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Any normal young adult will be elated if they get a car as their birthday present and so was I, until I realized what a bad driver I was! My trainer was the most patient man I have ever seen because he tried his best for months, but I still sucked. I slightly brushed people’s cars because I could never judge how much distance the car needs to go past another vehicle, I dashed a rickshaw once, the car kept stopping at intervals because I would just not get the right amount of pressure I needed to apply at the clutch or sometimes I would just forget to adjust the gears. I would panic so much in narrow roads that my driving teacher would tell me that he will drive on that road. Everytime it was a new and creative mistake. However, the most horrible one was the one during the monsoon season last year(that is the year 2017). There was a lot of traffic and I had to press the break of the car after every two seconds. After a point, I felt so sleepy that I closed my eyes. However, the sound of a horn woke me up and I saw that I had to move my car further. Somehow my car was ahead, but before I knew it it bumped into the car of the person ahead because my eyes had closed again and I kept driving the car, so I didnt realize that it was time to break again. I thank my stars that I and everyone else on the road that day was safe. I am so scared after that day, I don’t drive anymore and probably that’s good for me and for a lot of people.

I am sure alot of people say that they can sleep anywhere, but have you slept while driving a freaking car? No right! I wish driving was as easy as sleeping is. Thank god for Ola and Uber.


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