Lessons that we must learn from the Me Too Movement in India


The Me Too movement brought to light the dark side of the film, media and entertainment industry. The courage that Tanushree Datta showed to speak up about the sexual harassment and the harrowing incidents that she faced gave other people the guts to speak up as well and the fact that the media channels are supporting the people who have been wronged shows that times are about to change. However, we have a long way to go as there are still a huge amount of people who shame the victim and make insensitive comments and try to prove that the victim is at fault somehow.

Respect People – Sex is an act of love and asking people sexual favours in return for a role or forcing yourself on people, or sharing indecent pictures shows that you don’t know how to respect people. As a society, we have to instill the value of respecting people and not seeing them as sexual objects to our children, the youth, and some older people as well. There is an urgent need to invest on awareness on this issue. Workshops, seminars in which they teach respect for the opposite gender needs to be conducted in schools, colleges and the entire society, actually.

Listen to the victim – Making a person feel uncomfortable at their workplace creates an hostile environment for them and they may have to give up a project for no fault of theirs and this is a serious cause of concern. Only a person who has been sexual assualted or harrassed knows what they have been through and when they don’t get the right kind of support from their friends, family and the media it can crush their spirit. So, instead of blaming the victim, without any evidence, listen to them and help them and stand by them.

Keep the power trip in check- When people get succesful, the fame, name and money can get to their heads, but they should know that you cannot use people for your personal pleasure and the laws should be strict enough so that the victims can speak and nobody dares to do such a thing.

Create responsible content – It is sad that a lot of pop culture today, has cases of violence against woman and glorifies sex and sexual relationships and doesn’t shy away from showing characters that will go any lengths( such as telling lies, cheating on their spouses, sex without consent and rape) just for one night of fun. The kind of porn videos that are available online also have some forceful sex videos, which are sex without consent and as we know that what we watch can have an affect on our mind, I think that it is the need of the day that people who make such content think responsibly.

It is not okay – I have a few friends who are trying their hand in the film industry and when they tell me that things like sexual harrasment and abuse is common in the film and media industry and about the manipulative people that have made a name for themselves it is a huge shock and it is scary. Sexual harrassment should not be tolerated in any workplace and if anyone dares to misbehave with someone, it should be reported at a platform where they will get a voice and there should be strict consequences.

Let’s hope that this movement brings a huge change in the mindset and people learn how to respect each other. It is important that each and every person in the society feels safe and it is high time that the people in charge do something about it.