5 spiritual books to change your life!

  1. The Way Of The Wizard – Deepak Chopra 

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This book that is written in the form of a dialogue between Arthur, the student, and Merlin, a wise man, really opens up the mind and helps you understand heavy spiritual concepts, like there is no good or bad, in very simple words and with examples.

2. The Power Of Now- Ekhart Tolle 

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Ekhart Tolle’s book has a heavy opening and can be difficult to understand at first, but the book has some beautiful concepts like Pain body, which helps us understand that every one has been through suffering and when their pain body is active they react in a negative way. Acceptance and Surrender is also one of the important lessons of this book.

3. You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay 

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This book helps us understand the deep connection between the mind and body and how the limiting beliefs, negativity and anger that we hold can be responsible for the problems that we face.

4.  Dying To Be Me – Anita Moorchandani 

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This book explains with a personal story the importance of self-love, living life without guilt and fear, and knowing that you have to relax in the now and things will be done for you.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck – Mark Manson 

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There are so many things I learned from this book, but most importantly I learned that I am an entitled prick and you also most probably are one, so I highly recommend reading this book. I personally did not like the opening of the book, so if you also don’t like the opening like me, read a few pages and I am sure you are going to love it.

If you understand what is written in these books, I am sure you will automatically take steps toward changing your habits and dissolving the ego, a little by little, everyday. Sometimes it may require conscious effort on your part, and it may be difficult in the beginning, but you will thank yourself later.

Happy Reading and transforming!




Haven’t made any New Years Resolutions? It’s not late yet!

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Some people hate the idea of resolutions as they believe that change can happen anytime and we should not force ourselves into doing something because it is expected of us to want to be better. And some people feel that they are not going to be successful anyway, so why try. Well, I used to be of the same school of thought before, but now I feel changes in the right direction, no matter how small they are, make you appreciate the effort you put into breaking your bad habit and make you feel proud of yourself, and I for one could do with a self-esteem boost! So, here are some things that I will try to change in my life.

  • Brush every night! (Yes, I still have not learned to do that, even though my mom has been telling me to do that since I was a child!)
  • Drink lemon water with honey every morning!( because I want a slim belly)
  • Do at least 100 skips a day. (Because, my body has been aching with no physical activity and it needs some movement and since I am lazy and this is the easiest, it is doable!)
  • To exercise, I need to wake up early so I will wake up by 7.45( because before that seems, unrealistic)
  • Travel as much as possible this year. (Whenever and wherever I get the chance to go!)

This is all for now. There are so many things that I want to do like bathe in the sun every morning for some Vitamin D and learn a new hobby, but for now, this is all. We all have an intense pull of inertia that is going to stop us from achieving this, so we need a lot of willpower and ability to say no to this monster called laziness that always makes us give up on our goals and make us feel bad about ourselves. So all you need to do now is analyze which areas in your life you need to work on and slowly and steadily work toward them.

How to Survive when you are having a bad day or days!

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I reached office in a good mood yesterday. After about half an hour of uninterrupted work, my work laptop switched off and refused to turn on. The spare one also had a battery issue and even my very smart move of pressing the enter key over and over again to get it to started had no effect on it.  I was irritated and decided I needed  to eat junk so I reached out for my bag so that I could find my purse to pay for my unhealthy choices. After frantic searching (that included removing all the contents of my bag and tossing my bag upside down) when I didn’t find it I wanted to scream! My drivers license and credit card was in it. I immediately called HDFC bank and the very kind customer service executive blocked my card and ensured me that there was no transaction made, although he did piss me off in the end when he told me about how I should definitely take their debit card as well and try keeping it safe! Okay, he didnt say and try keeping it safe, I just couldn’t resist that joke. Now that the credit card was sorted I wondered what to do about the driver’s license. I learned that I would have to file a FIR and submit it at the RTO. The trip that I would have to make to the police station irritated me ever further and I told my colleague to shut up when he told me to calm down. I then went and worked on an absent colleagues computer. Thoughts of how stupid I am and how could I let this happen and the seemingly  unneccessary work that has been added swept through my mind all day. I didnt feel like having lunch, but one of my colleagues had brought extra lunch and made me eat it. It was delicious and thank god she made me eat, I was starving. It then hit on me, it’s not such a huge deal. Our mind tends to magnify small things and make it seem like a big issue! In all my worrying, I failed to notice how all my colleagues helped me with some useful information on how I could solve the situation, spoke kind words and the best part was that lunch just appeared for me! and I couldnt say no of course, She brought chole puri. It made me realise that there is always something good in every situation. It taught me that I need to be more alert! So even on days when you feel like nothing is going in your favour, firstly be patient with yourself if you have negative emotions. It is only natural. Feel it fully and embrace it. Secondly wait for the lesson that has to be learned to reveal itself and thirdly appreciate the kindness and the small good things that happen on such days. They help one cope. 

I went to the police station today, spoke broken marathi and got the required document that I have to submit at the RTO. I am hoping that the thief will send my drivers license by post so I thought I wait for a few days and if I still dont get it, only then I will submit it at the RTO. You pray for me as well!

Let the bad days make you stronger and wiser. Ciao.

4 chic flicks that men should watch!

Whether man or women, we all have our flaws and times when our life seems like such a mess, we start doubting ourselves. These 4 movies will give you a good laugh and will make you believe in yourself no matter what.


Confessions Of A Shopaholic 

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Rebecca Bloomwood will teach you that no matter how hard the situation, you can always get out of it. There is fun in chaos after all!  You just have to do what makes you happy and chase your dreams and the rest will fall into place(and if it doesn’t, shopping will always make you feel better!) This movie also shows how the support of loved ones can motivate us and have a tremendous impact on our growth, so take note and do anything for your best friend, even if that involves wearing an ugly bridesmaid’s dress( guys you could also show your brotherhood in similar ways rather than being all macho and not expressing your love for your guy best friends)

The Devil Wears Prada 

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When you have just got out of college  work in a field that is completely different from what you have you’re degree in , you feel like out-of-place, you have no idea about how some things are done and asking your colleagues seems like a nightmare because you get a vibe from each one of them that screams, I don’t  like you. But if you persevere and use the criticism in a positive way to get better, there is nothing that will stop you from success. Trying to do tasks that most people would  consider impossible is a sign of a winner!

Legally Blonde 

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These movie is a confidence booster like no other. It teaches us to believe in ourselves when nobody else does. The fact that the beautiful bond of friendship can be formed at the most unlikely places is shown  through Elle’s and Paulette friendship. It showed us that with love, compassion and belief in oneself one can do anything, including getting into harvard, solving a hard-hitting murder case as a student and winning over the person who once hated you.


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Those teenage years when we are just beginning to discover ourselves. There are some things that we are good at and other things that we absolutely suck at and we beat ourselves down because of those things, don’t we? When we want to”fit in” and what our friends think about us matters so much to us, we are stressed that our friends will judge us and think we are losers if we have not done the “adult things” that they have already done. We realize we are trying to sort out other people’s life when we have no clue what we are doing and suddenly in all that confusion, we see a ray of hope and before we know it things start falling in place even without us trying.

So go grab some popcorn guys and watch these movies with your friends.  And the boys, you can thank me later, because you are bound to enjoy it!

5 struggles of lazy and goofy people who wear contact lenses

You have got a new pair of contact lenses, you are super excited because you’re not going to look 10 times uglier in those glasses, but once you start wearing them you realize that this high maintenance thing is getting a bit difficult for you to handle.

Same Old, Same Old

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You forget that the solution in which the lens are kept have to be changed everyday. Sometimes you  have kept those lenses in the same solution for a week. When you  go to put on their lenses, you  curse yourself  for being so careless, especially about a delicate organ like the eye, but then you  rush to do something else, instead of throwing away the old solution and putting in new solution at that very instant.

What is this Sorcery! 

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Somedays the lenses will refuse to attach on your eyeball and you will  be forced to wonder if someone has put a curse on it.  You will put some more solution on it, reverse it, contemplate hiring a person who will put on your lenses for you,  say prayers to the almighty, call your workplace to say that you will be late when finally the first one has stuck. Then you do the entire process for the second one.

I have missed thee! 

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Somedays you just dont have the energy to wear lenses, those days you have to do an entire check of your day to see if your going to meet an interesting person. If the answer is no, then you jump with joy because you can finally wear your beloved spectacles that can be put on and removed whenever you want( without washing your hands and getting a microscope to see if there are any germs left!)


Imma Gonna drop dead 

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After a tiring day at work, removing contact lenses feels like a task. You wonder whether sleeping with lenses is actually damaging for the eye  or just some of the things that those health proffessionals say because they are obssessive compulsive, but then you get back to your  senses and get to the mirror to carefully get them out while wishing someone invented contact lenses that can be worn while sleeping.

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You have nightmares that the lenses have tore in your eye, your eye has got infected or you have gone blind because of all the articles that people have sent you about being careful about the way you use your contact lenses after they see the way you handle your contacts.

All of us who are irresponsible with our contact lenses should thank our stars that our eyes are still fine and promise to follow all the guidelines recommended for taking care of our lenses( from tomorrow, Ofcourse!)