Mothers and Daughters

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and as I was searching for a gift that I could buy for my mother, I was thinking of the things that my mother has done for me over the years. She always ensured that I ate well, reached home safely and tried her best to motivate me to learn new things. Flashbacks of the fights that we had and keep having come to my mind and I remember how she never hesitated to correct me, even though she knew I would hate her for it. I feel blessed to have a mother who is so caring, loving, and supportive and I thank the almighty from the bottom of my heart for this.

There are times when my mother says illogical things and I want to bang my head against the wall because I cannot understand how people can have such ideas. When I was younger , she would stop me from going somewhere and I would get some angry and feel that she is not allowing me to grow and she is the biggest pain in my life. Sometimes she refuses to speak to me for days and I refuse to speak to her as well. If this happens with you and your mothers as well then I urge you to let the anger dissolve after some time. Even though your mother may have said hurtful things, the truth is that there could be no one in the world that loves you more than your mother and maybe she needs to learn how to better communicate her feelings and let go of her negativity, but like one of my best friends told me that our parents have been through tough situations and they do not want their children to go through the same, so the things that they say may feel negative, but they are just trying to protect you.

There are many people who feel that their mothers did not really love them, did not give them time, or always hurt them when they were kids. Some of them have to analyze whether it was true because sometimes we compared our mother’s to our friends mothers and wanted them to give us the time that some parents could afford to give their children when they were young. If you feel that they hurt you by some of their actions, delve into them and decide to forgive them. No one is perfect. Everyone is learning and your mother is growing with you. That was the only way she could behave then, so it is high time, you get over your childhood bruises and stop seeing your mother as the same women who hurt you ten years ago over a small issue.

There are some people; however, who genuinely have evil and rejecting mothers and who put them down. I pray that you all have strength and not brood over what you have done wrong. To you, all I can say is that forgive them, but do not maintain a relationship with them. There’s no need to keep in touch with such people, even if they are your parent.

Those of you who’s mother has passed away or who never had a mother, you can consider any lady who is kind to you, for example your friend’s mother to be your mother, after all relations are not only through blood.

Gift recommendations for my mom are welcome.